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The Alive Institute is the centre for learning that caters for learners of different
needs, who are at different stages of learning. We believe that time a student
takes with any learning material, when it is what the learner needs, is time well
invested. No learner is under pressure to keep pace with another; as such the
possible gaps often created when learners are treated as homogeneous will be
avoided. The pressure to outdo your peers falls off, and in time the learner
become expert at assessing own capabilities and shortcomings. They become
better focused to achieve intended outcomes. Their skills grow, which improve
their ability to access knowledge.
Failing to learning any prerequisite material tends to affect later learning – it
leads to weak foundation, this, often the source of struggle associated with
learning. All learners need the opportunity to close gaps, make sense of the
subject matter they are faced with, thus going beyond mere exposure to content
to building understanding. We strive to provide quality content that will lead to
getting better grades and gain a better understanding of the subject matter.
Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great
teacher. – Japanese proverb

We are the answer to you your long quest
Successful learning is core in the life of every learner. Such success is measured
using preset standards in all subject areas. It remains highly important to
recognise that, amongst others, success in Science and Mathematics is central in
the lives of our children; and a good learning environment has to cater for it. For
some students, grasping a thorough understanding of all subjects comes easily
and for others learning does not come naturally. The latter struggle to make
sense of what they are faced with, often the teaching may not suit their learning
styles. In time the continued failure to experience success blunt whatever
enthusiasm to learning they may have had, and they are reduced to being
ordinary students to below par performers.
Often you watch the learner working hard to catch up with assigned tasks, and
they become good at answering questions as teachers expect. Yet, on being
examined they often underperform, failing to recall what they got correct in their
homework. In some subject areas, learners are often expected to regurgitate
copious notes they never understood, provide answers based on experiments
they never performed. Those students who have the potential to learn at a high
level tend be the ones to show superior grades.
However, all students have the potential to perform well or better than they tend
to currently. Experiencing success in any form and at any level will remove
barriers between the individual and their goals – in life or in academics. Success
build confidence, and no matter what the measure of onward move may be, it
will provide a platform for upward mobility.
At the Alive Institute, the difference-maker (for your child) for any learner is not
their innate learning ability, but the quality of instruction and guidance they

receive. We are conscious of different needs to enable anyone to experience
growth, acquire additional skills in time to become an efficient learner.
We take time to create learning materials that are learner friendly; and the
resources are primarily intended to achieve the following four points:
1. We go beyond ensuring that the student knows a concept, but that s/he
actually understands it. We create opportunity for the learner to interact with
information pegged at the right level, using learner appropriate language,
assisting the learner to access relevant prior information.
2. We as much as possible build in visuals, experiments and activities that help
explain concepts that may be abstract or complex in nature.
3. We are familiar with the demands of the curriculum, very experienced with
handling classroom matters, which makes it easy to anticipate learning
challenges and preparing material that adequately challenges the user,
provides practice, allowing for application. This will suitably bring about
meaningful learning – or learning for conceptual change.
Attending to exercises and quizzes will allow the learner to take responsibility
for own learning. It is the learner achievement in all assignments that is used
to determine readiness for progression.
4. We provide opportunity for each learner to interact with a tutor where we
determine that direct intervention with one will help assess the needed
personalized guidance.

About Our Resource
• We have created a valuable resource that will enable the user to
experience relevant content without gaps.
• The activities have been divided into useable chunks that can be
consumed without clutter, with the learner spending as much time as
s/he needs without pressure.
• We have created conducive environment with, in particular, a task
oriented climate, intended to provoke wider application even as it
reinforces mainstream learning through focused activities that enable
application of learning in a timely manner.
• The presented content is suitably structured to stimulate learners’
engagement, the progress monitored, and feedback and reinforcement
regularly provided.
Room for parental supervision is an added advantage that will help create
the required on task-consistency.
• We provide our learners with tutors with appropriate subject matter
mastery, verbal intelligence, a broad teaching repertoire, and motivation
to achieve.
• Developing learner skills that will continue to develop the independent
learner who will enhance existing strengths, grow new strengths where
they used to be weak, thus developing better balance in all areas of life.

Yes, our material is alive, it provokes curiosity, build individual’s
confidence to take the right steps to build a learned future.
You can try to sign up for a free session to get a feel for how online tutorials work
– then you be the judge. Get ready to strive for excellence and prepare to reach
your academic goals.